Jurojin Power Video: Lightning Caller!

This Jurojin knows another enemy awaits him off screen, so without running over to his new foe, the Jurojin connects the chakra gates for Time, Light, Cosmic, and Mind to add the Lightning Caller attack to his active power slot. He wastes no time and immediately drags his finger up across the touchscreen to call down a continuous stream of lightning attacks from the sky!

Notice the impressive amount of damage it deals to its sleeping target very quickly, but at the cost of draining an immense amount of chakra from its caster. This player is one more lightning strike shy of being victorious when his Jurojin's chakra runs out and the power's 4 seconds cooldown kicks in. To pass the time he simply pinches the screen with two fingers to zoom in and cast Chakra Focus, which rapidly replenishes his chakra so he's prepared for his next attack!