The Gameplay Map

In Jurojin's gameplay map, players can be matched up against another player and compete for loot drops. They can also fight computer-controlled opponents, which can range from random minions for minor loot drops to special event boss ninjas that have a high chance of rare drops. Matches in Jurojin are played in the Bamboo Forest arena. Additional maps and game types will be released after the game has launched. For now, we will be launching the game with the Bamboo Forest map only. 

The goal of the battle is to secure more contention points than your opponent over the course of the match. There are seven contention stones scattered around the map. One contention stone may randomly activate, and both players must scramble to the stone to prevent their opponent from capturing it, or they must figure out a way to capture the stone themselves. If a player defeats his or her opponent (they run out of respawns), the match will end and that player will win.