Basic Concepts in Jurojin: Techniques

Unlike other games, Jurojin does not limit abilities to loadout slots. Players may execute any ability they have in their arsenal during a match. They are only limited by their own skill in recalling those abilities during combat.

One of the basic concepts in Jurojin are "techniques". Each technique is recalled using a seal sequencing system. Activating the seal system displays a constellation where a player can draw different seals, like painting on a canvas. Each seal represents one of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac. Combining the seals will allow the player to activate an unlimited variety of powers without cluttering the screen with dozens of icons.

When you combine the seals, it is called, "ninjutsus", which basically means ninja techniques, and "genjutsus", which means illusory techniques. They use a resource system called, "chakra". If you correctly input a sequence, it will make the technique readily available to you. Each technique will fit in one of the four activation slots:

Active:  The “Active” slot is an icon you can tap on to immediately activate the jutsu stored within.

Charge: The “Charge” slot is an icon you can tap and hold to charge up specific chargeable jutsus to make them more powerful before unleashing.

Utility: The “Utility” slot is an icon you can tap to activate a stored utility power, such as a quick teleport station to close the gap or a projectile reflection shield. This allows the player to have useful utility jutsus available on command without taking up an active or charge slot.

Focus: Focus abilities do not have a tap-able icon. Instead, players activate these powers by pinch zooming. These abilities tend to be point blank area of effect powers.

The various techniques rank from tier 0 jutsus to tier 5 jutsus. Each tier requires additional seals to be inputted. Tier 0 jutsus are recalled by inputting a single sign. These are primarily utility techniques that will remain useful regardless of how many higher tier techniques you may know.  Each tier of ability is more powerful than the previous tier, they consume more chakra and they become progressively harder to recall.