What is Jurojin? - Part 1

Hey, Baconians! We're going to expand on what Jurojin is. "Jurojin: Immortal Ninja" is built from the ground up. It is made for touch screen mobile devices and targeted towards hardcore gamers. Although we know that not everyone is a hardcore gamer, we also designed it to be accessible for gamers at other levels. A high skill ceiling will keep dedicated gamers engaged, and collecting new abilities in the game will keep the game fresh.

The gamer plays as a Jurojin, an immortal ninja who recently discovered that you are immortal. You journey through the world, and hone your skills to become better. You can collect new techniques to master and use against your enemies. Maybe you will discover the force behind the destruction of your family and village. However, be careful. Other Jurojins will want to destroy you and take your secret techniques!