Jurojin: Ready, Set, Gong!

Ahoy there, Baconians! Who wants free chakra? Who doesn’t like chakra, right? Chakra basically means energy, and that is what every Jurojin needs to fight their opponent. With all this excitement going on, chakra will run out fast if you don’t do something about it. To gain chakra, you will have to run up to a chakra source on the battle map. One of the sources to get chakra is the gong.

Hey, look! There’s a gong in the battle map and that gong contains chakra! Why does a gong contain chakra, you ask? Because why the BACON not?! Lore... or something!

Ring the gong with fireballs or ice shards...or your head... and chakra will drop onto the floor for you to pick up. Watch out though... other opponents will have the chance to take the chakra from you! Once the gong is rung, it is loud, so be prepared to be ambushed by other Jurojins. Since there is a slight waiting and cool down time to get the delicious chakra, I would think twice and have a plan before ringing the gong.