Kinetic UI

Go find a game. Now touch it. No, try and really feel it. Feel it yet? No? Maybe it's because that game doesn't have a kinetic User Interface. What is a kinetic UI? It's a UI that you can feel. I'm not talking about haptic, I'm talking about psychophysical. I'm talking about leveraging your perceptions with synthetic stimuli.

Here at Critical Bacon, we do design starting from fundamentals like physics and psychology . That includes our games' interface. Here, take a look:


Icon Shunpo!

Simple, right? Well not so much. You see, I've got roughly 300 milliseconds to present a bunch of icons on the screen so that you can interact with them. But you're busy. You've got an enemy Jurojin to kill. So in those three tenths of a second, your brain needs to tell your finger where those icons will be and in what order. That's where visual cues come in. Acceleration, simulated motion blur, parametric fading. These are techniques we use to give your eyeballs more information about what our interface is doing. The result is really hard to describe. But we think it's really BACONing important. 

You'll probably feel it as 'smooth and fast', but that's just your brain anticipating the UI mechanics.  Jurojin's Kinetic UI reduces your cognitive burden so you can concentrate on the gameplay. Because MATH.