Jurojin Manga Page 5!

In this page the Jurojin and Boss Ninja battle begins! The villain starts the duel with a Charged Kunai, but the Jurojin evades it with a Kawarimi log dodge! Their fight continues tomorrow so check back for another page of action! You can read more about these in-game powers in our Powers Library!

Jurojin Manga Page 4!

Flip back to page 1 and notice the Snake Clan star constellation in the sky. In our game, when mortals die they become a star in their family's constellation and spend eternity with loved ones. Jurojins are immortal though, so it's a costly price to pay!

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Contest Winner: "Laughing Echo Technique"

Congrats, Cenex! You won! Your power name was added to our Powers Library!

Send us a private message on Facebook so we can get you the gift card prize. Aside from these prizes, your Jurojin will also receive an in-game special effect so that your opponents know you were a contest winner!

Jurojin Manga Page 3 Unlocked!

We promised to unlock a new page of our Jurojin manga for every 20 contest entries. Before our contest ended you unlocked another page! The winner will be announced later this week, but here's page 3 while you wait to see if you won! If you're not caught up yet, here's page 1 and page 2!

Jurojin Manga Page 2 Unlocked!

We promised to unlock a new page of our Jurojin manga for every 20 contest entries, and you guys have been coming up with lots of great ideas so far! You just unlocked page two!

Flip through page one and two and notice how the Snake Clan arranged rocks around a chakra stone to mirror their snake constellation in the sky. You'll have to unlock more pages to find out the significance of the stars and why they worship them!

Our giveaway contest runs through the end of the month and you can enter on Facebook every day, so keep entering to unlock more pages on our contest page.

Jurojin Manga Page 1!

Behold! This is page one from the new manga for our upcoming free to play game, Jurojin: Immortal Ninja. Just like our game, the manga is also free!

Our action combat mobile game will offer some of the deepest and most strategic gameplay that iOS and Android devices have ever experienced, but we also want to offer a deep world full of lore to go along with its characters and items. Volume one of our manga will help introduce you to the exciting life of Jurojins and the elemental powers that are literally at your fingertips when you play as one of them in our game.

As you can already see below, our game's Ninja Boss makes an appearance as he mercilessly battles the Snake Clan warriors! Will a Jurojin save the mortals before it's too late? Will the Ninja Boss refill his energy from the Snake Clan's chakra stone and continue his path of destruction? Volume one answers those questions while showcasing several of our game's devious and devastating powers.

Check back every day because we'll be releasing new pages from our manga over the next few weeks. Jurojin will be released this Spring so start studying the Powers Library now to come up with combos and strategies that let you dominate your opponents when our game is released soon!

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Page 01