Jurojin: Immortal Ninja soft launched in Canada for iPhone 5 and up! Send us your feedback for a free rare booster pack!

Canadians! Drop your hockey pucks and sop up that maple syrup, if you are lucky enough to be our friendly neighbor to the North and own an iPhone 5 or above, you can download our app TODAY for FREE! http://bit.ly/jurojinca

We'd love to hear feedback from you! What do you think should be improved first? What needs fixing? We're trying to nail down all the crashes, so if you crashed, please let us know what you were doing! If you find any visual bugs, send us a screenshot! We've included an easy to use contact us button in the menu.

In fact, if you send us a contact message with feedback with your user ID (you can find your user ID as the weird looking string of letters and numbers on the bottom right corner of the scroll menu) we will send you a free rare booster pack!

Also to note, we cleaned out our old posts on our website and started fresh with our release. In the meantime, check out our launch trailer!