Jurojin Manga Page 5!

In this page the Jurojin and Boss Ninja battle begins! The villain starts the duel with a Charged Kunai, but the Jurojin evades it with a Kawarimi log dodge! Their fight continues tomorrow so check back for another page of action! You can read more about these in-game powers in our Powers Library!

Jurojin Manga Page 4!

Flip back to page 1 and notice the Snake Clan star constellation in the sky. In our game, when mortals die they become a star in their family's constellation and spend eternity with loved ones. Jurojins are immortal though, so it's a costly price to pay!

Can't wait until tomorrow for the next page? Get a sneak peek at Jurojin.com!

Contest Winner: "Laughing Echo Technique"

Congrats, Cenex! You won! Your power name was added to our Powers Library!

Send us a private message on Facebook so we can get you the gift card prize. Aside from these prizes, your Jurojin will also receive an in-game special effect so that your opponents know you were a contest winner!

Jurojin Manga Page 3 Unlocked!

We promised to unlock a new page of our Jurojin manga for every 20 contest entries. Before our contest ended you unlocked another page! The winner will be announced later this week, but here's page 3 while you wait to see if you won! If you're not caught up yet, here's page 1 and page 2!